Hotheads Hair Extensions

If you are looking for a salon-quality hair extension that is natural-looking, comfortable, and long-lasting, then Hotheads hair extensions are a great option.

The HOTHEAD difference:

Sew-in weft extensions
* applied in less than two hours
* application last 8 to 10 weeks
* extensions can be reapplied 4-5 times for 8-12 months of wear
* 100% Remy human hair
* natural body wave texture
* pre-layered ends in length starting at 14 inches to 22 inches

Proper home care will extend the life of your extension investment. You will sit down with a certified Hotheads artist who will guide you in the proper length and color to achieve your desired end result.

All consultations will require a deposit for the install of the extensions and payment for the hair. Once the hair comes in, our certified hotheads artist will apply your hair and send you home with proper haircare to maintain your investment.

Give us a call if you’re interested in a complementary 15 minute consultation to see if you are a good candidate for hair extensions. (Pricing cannot be quoted as this is an in individual service and price will be determined at consultation.)

  • Before

    HOTHEADS Extensions

  • After

    HOTHEADS Extensions


    HOTHEADS Extensions

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